SorghumBase release 5 is out with 10 new CP-NAM sorghum genomes & 38 million new SNPs

The SorghumBase Team is pleased to announce the fifth release of SorghumBase ( (see release notes #5). This release includes 10 new sorghum genomes from the Carbon-Partitioning Nested Association Mapping (CP-NAM) panel: Chinese Amber [PI 22913], Grassl [PI 154844], Leoti [PI 586454], PI 229841, PI 297155, PI 329311, PI 506069, PI 510757, PI 655972, and Rio [PI 563295]. The CP-NAM population panel was developed and publicly released as a key genetic resource for the characterization and improvement of sorghum (Boatwright et al, 2021 & 2022; Kumar et al, 2022).

SorghumBase release #5 also includes nearly 44 million genetic variants including ~38 M SNPs and ~5 M indels that were genotyped in the 400 Sorghum Association Panel (SAP) via whole-genome sequencing (WGS) by Lucas Boatwright and collaborators (2022).

In addition, a total of 83 new synteny maps (example) including those between each of the 28 sorghum genomes in SorghumBase and maize B73 v5 or Japonica rice IRGSPv1, and the sorghum BTx623 reference and each of the other 27 sorghum varieties has been added. Plus whole-genome alignments between the sorghum BTx623 reference, RTx430, RTx436, Tx2783, and Rio [PI 651496] and each of the anchors for orthologous species: Arabidopsis TAIR10, Japonica rice IRGSPv1, and maize B73 v5.

Our publications database has grown to 529 papers, 31 of which have been highlighted in recent News posts, together with 76 relevant Events for the sorghum research community.

Core funding for the project is provided by the Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA ARS 8062-21000-041-00D).

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