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SorghumBase release 5 is out with 10 new CP-NAM sorghum genomes & 38 million new SNPs

The SorghumBase Team is pleased to announce the fifth release of SorghumBase ( (see release notes #5). This release includes 10 new sorghum genomes from the Carbon-Partitioning Nested Association Mapping (CP-NAM) panel: Chinese Amber [PI 22913], Grassl [PI 154844], Leoti

Highlights from the 2022 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting

SorghumBase was presented at the 2022 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting, which convened from November 6th to 9th in Baltimore, Maryland and was attended by a group of around 1800 people .

AG2PI Grant, Proposals due January 6th

The Agricultural Genome to Phenome Initiative (AG2PI), funded by USDA NIFA, is accepting proposals for their larger, “coconut” grant.

Recent Research

Leaf Width and Whole-Plant Transpiration Efficiency in Sorghum

In a large breeding program (701 sorghum lines), leaf width was correlated with plant-level transpiration efficiency and associated with 19 QTL, suggesting it could be a surrogate for transpiration efficiency.

Exploration into Genes Associated with the Stay-Green Trait in Sorghum

Borrell et al. conducted research to explore how genetically modifying PIN genes in sorghum can affect mechanisms underpinning the stay-green drought adaptation phenotype.

Analysis of the ACP Gene Family in Sorghum Supports a Connection with Stress Tolerance

Ge et al. performed phylogenetic analysis of the sorghum ACP gene family and investigated the ACPs expression patterns under abiotic stresses.

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