Gramene and SorghumBase Teams at PAG31 in San Diego, California, January 12-17, 2024

A Gramene Workshop will be held at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG31) on January 16 at 4 PM, in Palm 8 at The Town & Country Resort and Conference Center, in San Diego, California. During this workshop, we will present various collaborative approaches supporting the forward looking nature of the Gramene database. We will review the available data and resources in Gramene, with a focus on an improved search tool and web interface. These enhancements  allow users to interpret and explore queried data from more than 150 plant genomes in the Ensembl genome browser, newly curated rice pathways and orthologous pathway projections to other species in the Plant Reactome, and plant gene expression data from the EMBL-EBI Expression Atlas and the Bio-Analytic Resource (BAR) for Plant Biology. 

Talks and presentations include:

  • Unlocking Genomic Diversity: Harnessing the Power of FAIR Principles in Gramene – Marcela K. Tello-Ruiz, CSHL
  • CLIMtools: A Web-Based Suite of Tools for Exploring Genotype x Environment Associations – Andrew Olson, CSHL
  • Sorghum eFP browser to view gene expression anatomograms in Gramene – Abigail O’Meara, Smith College
  • AI-Driven Protein Resources for Maize – Carson Andorf, USDA-ARS, Iowa State University
  • Training Undergraduates in Plant Gene and Pathway Biocuration for the Plant Reactome Knowledgebase – Sushma Naithani, Oregon State University

Additionally, Marcela K. Tello-Ruiz will present a talk at the AgBioData Workshop (4:00-6:10) on January 12 at 5:20PM, Town and Country C titled “Standardizing Biocuration of Genetic Variation Data to Promote FAIRification.” Christopher Tuggle, from Iowa State University, will be presenting his talk “Leveraging Biomedicine Resources to Understand Single-Cell Data in Agriculture: The FAANG Experience” on January 14 at 5:20 during the workshop “Big Data, Manage your Data Before Your Data Kills You,” (4-6:10 PM) in Palm 1-2. During the PacBio Workshop on January 15 (12:50-3:00), Doreen Ware will present her talk, “Long-Read Sequencing Broadens Access to Genetic and Transcript Diversity for High-Value Traits in Sorghum,” at 1:10 PM in Town and Country C.

Look for us at the AgBioData Consortium booth #422. We also plan to linger at the Sorghum Millet Workshop (January 14 at 8-10 AM, Pacific H-I, 2nd Floor) and the Grape Genome Initiative Workshop (January 14 at 1:30-3:40 PM, Pacific H-I, 2nd Floor)!

Members of the team and collaborators will also be presenting the following posters during the poster sessions on January 15:

  • Gramene 2024: A comparative resource on plant reference genomes, pan-genomes and pathways (PO0733) – Andrew Olson, CSHL
  • SorghumBase: Public Genetic and Genomic Database for the Sorghum Community (PE0196) – Marcela K. Tello-Ruiz, CSHL
  • Time-Series Multi-Omics Analysis of Micronutrient Stress in Sorghum Bicolor Reveals a Combined Strategy of Iron and Zinc Uptake (PO0197) – Ankita Mishra, Texas A&M AgriLife

For more information, visit the conference website.