EBI Plant Genomes Course: From Data to Discovery Nov 18-22, 2024, Application due by Sept. 1

The European Bioinformatic Institute (EBI) is offering a virtual course titled “Plant genomes: from data to discovery” from November 18-22, 2024. A selection of genomic tools and open resources will help attendees explore plant genomes and answer biological questions. A range of omics data including genomic, proteomic, and imaging data, will be covered to show students where to find relevant data and how to use publicly available tools to connect across resources supporting plant genomic data-driven knowledge discovery. The class is aimed at plant scientists wishing to gain familiarity with open, online tools and resources hosting plant data, and how to query across those resources to answer biological questions. No programming experience is required. Material will be presented through a mixture of pre-recorded lectures, live presentations, including trainer-led computational exercises, and trainer Q&A sessions. Attendees will need to be available between the hours of 09:00 – 17:00 GMT during which time trainers will be available to answer questions and assist. 

Class topics include:

Applications due by September 1, 2024. For more information visit the course website.