CSI Seminar Alexander Bucksch, July 9 at 11 AM CT

The Center for Sorghum Improvement (CSI) is hosting a virtual seminar given by Alexander Bucksch, Associate Professor in the School of Plant Sciences (SPLS) at the University of Arizona. on Tuesday, July 9 at 11 AM CT. The title of his talk is “Advances in root phenotyping reveal new functional and genetic insights from the cell to the population level.” Dr. Bucksch will discuss advances in sensor and imaging technology which have enabled the capture of root shape, generating unprecedented amounts of data and explore how advanced computational techniques organize this complex phenotyping data, allowing for the identification of simple and understandable rules governing root phenotype formation. Using examples from maize and common bean and preliminary results from his group’s first sorghum project, along with information gleaned from newly developed imaging devices, infield sensors, and computational techniques, he will discuss the function of natural variation in root architectures and the shape diversity and function of epidermal appendages in roots. For information on this and future seminars visit the CSI seminar webpage.