CSHL Programming for Biology Course, Oct 13-20, 2024, Applications due July 15

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is offering a course, “Programming for Biology,” from October 13-29, 2024. The class is designed for lab biologists with little or no programming experience and aims to give students the bioinformatics and scripting skills they need to derive biological insights from the abundance of data commonly encountered today. Existing software tools provide only boilerplate analyses and questions specific to the data set require novel analysis pipelines to be devised and written in computer code. Students must be committed to learning basic UNIX and Python, an easy-to-learn scripting language. Structurally, the class starts with one week of introductory coding, continues with practical topics in bioinformatics, with plenty of coding examples, and ends with a group coding project. The class instructors are ​​Simon Prochnik, from Triplebar Biotechnology Inc., and Sofia Robb, from Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

Applications are due by July 15th. For more information visit the course website.