Identification of the MYB gene family in Sorghum bicolor and functional analysis of SbMYBAS1 in response to salt stress.

Lu M, Chen Z, Dang Y, Li J, Wang J, Zheng H, Li S, Wang X, Du X, Sui N

Published: 15 November 2023 in Plant molecular biology
Keywords: MYB gene family, Salt stress tolerance, Sorghum, Transcription factor
Pubmed ID: 37964053
DOI: 10.1007/s11103-023-01386-w

Salt stress adversely affects plant growth and development. It is necessary to understand the underlying salt response mechanism to improve salt tolerance in plants. MYB transcription factors can regulate plant responses to salt stress. However, only a few studies have explored the role of MYB TFs in Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench. So we decided to make a systematic analysis and research on the sorghum MYB family. A total of 210 MYB genes in sorghum were identified in this study. Furthermore, 210 MYB genes were distributed across ten chromosomes, named SbMYB1-SbMYB210. To study the phylogeny of the identified TFs, 210 MYB genes were divided into six subfamilies. We further demonstrated that SbMYB genes have evolved under strong purifying selection. SbMYBAS1 (SbMYB119) was chosen as the study object, which the expression decreased under salt stress conditions. Further study of the SbMYBAS1 showed that SbMYBAS1 is located in the nucleus. Under salt stress conditions, Arabidopsis plants overexpressed SbMYBAS1 showed significantly lower dry/fresh weight and chlorophyll content but significantly higher membrane permeability, MDA content, and Na+/K+ ratio than the wild-type Arabidopsis plants. Yeast two-hybrid screening result showed that SbMYBAS1 might interact with proteins encoded by SORBI_302G184600, SORBI_3009G247900 and SORBI_3004G59600. Results also showed that SbMYBAS1 could regulate the expression of AtGSTU17, AtGSTU16, AtP5CS2, AtUGT88A1, AtUGT85A2, AtOPR2 and AtPCR2 under salt stress conditions. This work laid a foundation for the study of the response mechanism of sorghum MYB gene family to salt stress.

National Key R&D Program of China 2022YFD1201700
National Natural Science Research Foundation of China 32272040
Shandong Province - Agricultural Fine Seed Project 2021LZGC006
Special fund for TaiShan Scholars tsqn202211106